Exercise Sliders - GlobalActive Packs
Exercise Sliders - GlobalActive Packs
Exercise Sliders - GlobalActive Packs
Exercise Sliders - GlobalActive Packs
Exercise Sliders - GlobalActive Packs

Exercise Sliders

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  • Low impact on joints in low-frictional weight-bearing workouts.
  • 2 sliders spice up home gym, aerobics, calisthenics, street workout
  • Attention: Two different sides a. Use polished plastic side down on carpet/rugs/cloth surfaces. b. Use padded foam side down on hard wood floor/laminate floor/tile floor.

Fitness Slider can be your ‘go-to’ exercise tool at home or on holidays. The Core Sliders will engage your core and take your training to the next level with this very simple, inexpensive but amazingly effective exercise tool.

Slides are designed to be used with numerous body weight exercises and can really test beginners through to elite sportspersons. Perfect for cardiovascular and HIIT workouts to help burn fat, stretching during warmup and cool down + functional rehab exercises.

The compact size of Core Sliders allows you to taken them anywhere, home, work or vacations. 

Ideal for hard floors and carpet, the foam grip on the topside allows a comfortable grip and the smooth bottom side allows for an even sliding movement over the floor


Why Add Exercise Sliders to Your GAPack?
Low Impact - Very low impact exercises that avoid joint & muscle injury
Constant Muscle Engagement - Get more out of your workouts with the consistent muscle engagement that sliders offer
Add a dynamic dimension to your exercises - Combine your core & leg training with slider-specific versions of your favorite exercises (E.G. Mountain climbers, Lunges, Burpees, Hamstring curls, Wheelbarrows)
Product Specifications:
Size: 208x2.1x0.45
Use: Tone lower body muscle, Strengthen core, Cardio work
Material: Hard plastic
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