What is a GlobalActivePack?

When Receiving a GlobalActivePack , You’re not JUST buying a Compact, Portable Exercise Kit you can travel with, you’re being handed a KEY TO UNLOCK the Positive Emotional State through having Exercise in your Life.
Having this Pack on you is like having a Portable Happiness Kit – which you can pull out, grab the equipment and do a workout that YOU wrote up with all YOUR favourite exercises! Wherever you are!
In this time today, inactivity and over-eating is built in to our society and it is more important than ever to have exercise be a part of your life so you can be the person to make those around you more optimistic through your positive emotions.
Do you get bored and unmotivated during workouts?
The best way to avoid being bored while exercising is to find an activity that doesn't bore you! Don't like to run? Don't do it. Bike, box, row, dance, or do whatever floats your boat. And once you find something you enjoy, change your program to include more of that exercise!
AND this will eventually create a habit to do (at least) a LITTLE bit of exercise, every day! Feeling the positive impact it can have on your life.
THIS is Really what we want to Achieve by Spreading GlobalActivePacks over the world!
The Pack Programs (Our Gateway-to-Exercise & TravelFit) are Focused on YOU and finding the PERFECT Exercises in Short 20-30 Minute Workout formulas so you ACTUALLY ENJOY IT!
NEVER go Anywhere in the World WITHOUT having a GlobalActivePack with you - meaning you are ALWAYS just one 30-minute Workout away from a Good Mood!
“Give a man (or woman) a fish and they will eat for a day. But teach them how to fish and they will feed for a lifetime!”
Our Goal – Provide a gateway for YOU to start living a life including exercise or not have to worry about being without it on your travels
Our Want – For as many people as possible to experience the UNDENIABLY huge POSITIVE effects of exercise on your mind and body